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"It is not a 30 days detox it is a Lifestyle"

My Story

As I child I suffered from frequent cold and flu like symptoms. My sinuses where always clogged and energy levels most of the time low. 


When I thought that is about it I found out that I had a severe food allergy.

So that is where my journey into health began. Pretty early on in my journey I was convinced that all these symptoms had an emotional component to it as well. So I left the allopathic community in search for a more holistic view and approach to body, mind and health.

When I was about 15 years old I got a book changed my life quite drastically. This book taught about eating only fruit in the morning to break the fast of the night before. And although my parents didn't think much of it and thought it was a fling, I started doing pressing orange juice in the morning for the whole family. Never could they have been more wrong cause till this very day I am still eating only fruit in the morning.


Oh yes of course I have cheated on my fruit in the morning but in the end I always came back to start my day with fruit cause it gave me the energy and stability I love. 

As I loved this true path of healing so much that I studied various topics and became among others a certified Reiki Master, Energy therapist, foot-refloxogy therapist. I also studied Bach Flower Essences, Kinesiology and Aura / Chakra energy fields.  

I was convinced that I had a pretty healthy lifestyle on all levels till I came in contact with Dr Morse and his teachings. Wow the knowledge and wisdom this man shares with us all is mind blowing. So I decided to expand on what I already had learned over the years so that I could help others. I have completed ISOD (International School of Detoxification) I and II to become a Detoxification Specialist.


In all my years, my passion to assist people live healthy lives has not changed, it has been refined. As a healer I feel it is my mission to guide my clients, and encourage self-responsibility for their own health. 

When not enjoying a hike in nature, doing a yoga class or spending quality time with my family, I love empowering people towards an Alkaline Lifestyle so they can take charge of their own life and health. 

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